Cause of Choice

ONEHOPE encourages customers to shop and support causes of their choice. When customers make a purchase, ONEHOPE donates 10% to their selected cause. Customers can choose from various nonprofit organizations, event fundraisers, their cause entrepreneur's choice, or the ONEHOPE Foundation. This allows customers to make a positive impact while shopping with ONEHOPE.

How do I select my Cause of Choice?

A customer will be prompted to select their Cause of Choice from multiple places on our website.

  • At the top of the website page, a banner will ask to "Select a cause!"
  • During the checkout process
  • And in the Account menu

Please note, a customer shopping as a "guest" will NOT have their Cause of Choice saved. A customer must be logged in to their account in order for a cause to be saved.

Can a non-profit be added to the list of Causes?

Yes! Upon searching, if you cannot find your favorite non-profit, it can be added manually. The name, mailing address, tax ID or EIN will be required to add in a new non-profit.

Can I change my selected Cause at any time?
Yes! Adjustments to a Cause of Choice can be done through the Account Menu > Impact.

What happens if I do NOT have a Cause of Choice selected? 

If a cause is not selected, the customer will see the default verbiage: ” Select Cause” to prompt them to select their Cause of Choice. In the case a cause is not chosen, the 10% donation will contribute to the ONEHOPE foundation until the customer adds a Cause of Choice to their account.

How does Cause of Choice affect event shopping? 

Whenever you or your customer navigates to an Event Fundraiser page, selects the "Shop to Support" button on the Event Fundraiser page, or chooses the Event Fundraiser as their Cause in the Cause Selection Menu, the customer's Default Cause will automatically switch to that Event Fundraiser's Cause going forward.

In other words, if a customer wants to place a "one-off" order for a different Cause than what was previously selected, they will need to change the Cause to the new one (or shop the Event), complete the order, and then change their Cause back to their preferred Cause.

 How do I stop shopping an event’s Cause? 

At any time while on the website, a Customer can select ‘Cause’ from the top of the website or through their Account Menu. This will pop out the Event Shopping options. From here, the Customer can either “Stop Shopping the Event” or “Go to the Fundraiser’s Page”. 

What is the “Impact” page in my Customer Account?  

The Impact page allows the Customer to add or change their Default Cause, and view information about their impact in shopping on ONEHOPE, including:

  • Personal Total $ Amount Generated for Current Cause selected

Personal Total $ Amount Generated for ALL Causes you’ve supported when shopping with ONEHOPE.

How does Cause of Choice work when using concierge mode? 

CEs can see the customer that they’re shopping for from the Snackbar as well as the Account Menu when they are in concierge mode. If a CE places an order in concierge mode, the 10% donation will always go towards the customer’s default Cause of Choice (not the CE’s).

As a CE, can I change my customer’s selected Cause of Choice? 

CE’s may add or change their customers Cause of Choice on their customer’s behalf while shopping for them in Concierge Mode. If a CE changes their customer’s Cause, then that Cause subsequently becomes the customer’s default Cause until the customer otherwise changes it (i.e. it’s saved as their new Cause in their Account).

Can I change my selected Cause of Choice during checkout?  

All customers can add or change their Cause of Choice before completing checkout. Anytime a Cause of Choice is changed, this becomes your default Cause of Choice. 

Can I donate my Wine Club subscription shipments to my Cause of Choice? 

Yes, automatically, all Wine Club orders will count towards each customer’s selected default Cause of Choice.

Can I change the Cause of Choice on an order after it has been placed?

No. We are unable to change the Cause on an order once it has been placed.