Event Compliance

ONEHOPE events must be held in a private location where an event Host or event Guest personally invites guests. The location should not have an existing spirit, wine, or beer license and should not be open to the public. Failure to comply may result in termination of program participation. All attendees and Hosts must be 21+ or older.

 To be compliant:

1. The event can be held at a venue without a liquor license, such as a private home, apartment, community clubhouse, private office or meeting room, or private hall, ideally after business hours.

2. It is imperative that guests not be charged an admission cost by either the CE or the Host for the event.

3. The venue is only available to the Host and their invited guests at the time of the event and is not open to the general public.

4. ONEHOPE wine can be served according to the venue rules. Invitations must be individual and specific, with no general community/public advertisements allowed.

6. The event CAN NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, be open to the public.

If the location requires a COI (Certificate of Insurance), business license, ABC permit, or any additional permits, the CE can not participate in the event or venue. ONEHOPE does not provide CEs with additional requests for documentation/information from the home office.