Event Guidelines

Cause Entrepreneurs can create two types of events in their CE Back Office: a Wine Tasting Event, which can be in-person or virtual, or an Online Fundraiser Page. In this article, we will outline the Event Guidelines for these events.

A Wine Tasting Event can be held in person or virtually. It must have a date, and it can be scheduled up to 90 days in advance.

Please note: The event will be set to close 8 days after its creation date, at 11:59 PM CT, in your CE Back Office. 

An Online Fundraiser Page can be created without a physical or virtual event being held and does not have an event date. The page will stay open for 90 days, or it can be closed manually before 90 days.

Order Moves

An order can be moved if:

  •  There is a genuine error in the order being placed. The customer who placed the order can reach out to Support, or the CE can reach out on behalf of their customer, but the customer must be cc'd on the request for it to be considered.
  • It meets the above criteria, and the order is placed within the same month as the move request.

We are unable to move an order if:

  • It is outside the event's timeframe. 
  • It is a Wine Club order.
  • It is an order attached to a customer's Cause of Choice.
  • It is attached to an Event or Online Fundraiser Page.
  • The order was placed outside of the current month.