Onboarding & Mentoring

Welcoming a new Cause Entrepreneur to ONEHOPE and your team is an important step in their ONEHOPE journey.  We have developed tools and resources to help you simplify the process. It is important to keep the process simple so your new CE will feel confident about their decision to join ONEHOPE and start sharing the CE Opportunity with their contacts.


Your new CE made the decision to invest in their ONEHOPE business. Let's get them started and ready for their first event! 

Guide them through the Fast Start milestones using the Fast Start Guide!
  • Invite your New CE to join our Getting Started Call Part One and Part Two.  These calls are offered LIVE on the Facebook Community Page.   
    • Part One: Tuesdays at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET
    • Part Two: Thursdays at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET
  • Help to navigate the Back Office to set up their profile, select their Cause of Choice, and locate their personal website link
  • Start selling $500 in wine to earn the Rock Star Bonus
  • Schedule their first in-person wine tasting event - their Launch Event! 


You have a wonderful opportunity to mentor a new Cause Entrepreneur as they begin their journey with ONEHOPE! Coaching your new CE to start strong will help them make an even greater impact and will give them the opportunity to maximize their Fast Start rewards. Building a solid relationship with your new CE is key to helping you both achieve success with ONEHOPE.

We recommend that you:

  • Teach your new CE about Income Producing Activities
  • Invite your new CE to any team pages to build connections and community
  • Introduce them to The Vine and ONEHOPE social media - Our Facebook Community Page and ONEHOPE Community Instagram
  • Keep track of their progress in Reports > My Team > My Team Fast Start

PRO TIP: Take the time to develop a relationship with your CE. This will build trust and confidence!