Fast Start Partner in Wine Passes


What are Partner in Wine Passes that are available to Cause Entrepreneurs in Fast Start?

Partner in Wine Passes are a $50 discount on Join Kits for Cause Entrepreneurs in Fast Start to offer 3 prospective  Cause Entrepreneurs to use during during the enrollment process. These passes are designed to help New Cause Entrepreneurs grow their teams during their Fast Start period. 

Who is receiving Partner in Wine Passes to share with potential Cause Entrepreneurs?

Cause Entrepreneurs who are currently in Fast Start (enrolled November 2023 - January 2024), and all Cause Entrepreneurs who enroll February 1 - 29th 2024. 

How long does the Partner in Wine Pass promotion run?

For the whole month of February Cause Entrepreneurs in Fast Start and New Cause Entrepreneurs who join in February will receive 3 Partner in Wine Passes. 

Can the Partner in Wine Passes be combined or transferred?

No, the Partner in Wine Passes cannot be combined or transferred. Each pass has a unique code linked to the sponsoring Cause Entrepreneur. It is intended for one-time use by a prospective Cause Entrepreneur and cannot be combined with other discounts or transferred to another individual.

When do the Partner in Wine Passes expire?
Cause Entrepreneurs who are still in their Fast Start as of February 1, 2024 (Cause Entrepreneurs who enrolled November - January) will have Partner in Wine Passes that expire on March 31st, 2024. 

Cause Entrepreneurs who enroll during the month of February, will receive Partner in Wine Passes that will expire 60 days from the day you enrolled. 

What happens if a Cause Entrepreneur doesn't use all three Partner in Wine Passes during the Fast Start period?

Any unused Partner in Wine Passes will expire on the above timeline. It's recommended that Cause Entrepreneurs make the most of these passes to maximize their team-building efforts during the promotion.

**During June 2024, all Cause Entrepreneurs were given 3 Partner in Wine Passes to share to help maximize team building efforts. These 3 codes will expire on June 30th 2024.

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