Requesting a Mockup

Requesting a Mockup

To help secure an order, the Gifting Team is happy to provide Digital Mockups for any of our Custom Gifts. Please submit your mockup requests HERE

Please provide a logo or artwork in a vector format (SVG, EPS, or Illustrator file preferred). If you cannot provide a vector file, please provide the logo as a PNG file with a transparent background. Please ensure the logo provided is high-quality, not pixelated, and no smaller than 1000x1000px. Please refer to our Logo File Guidelines for more information on the file type needed. 

The turnaround time for mockups is approx. 1-2 business days. The Gifting team will send the mockup to the CE’s email address provided and will confirm the next steps. We will not email the customer unless the CE loops us in on an email. We will only use the Customer's email address for Invoicing and Tracking purposes.

Canva Etching Templates

If your customer is looking for Wood or Shimmer Etching and does not have a logo, you can create artwork for them in Canva!

Canva Etching Templates can be used to create artwork for Custom Etched Shimmer Bottles and Custom Etched Wood Boxes. You can view the templates at the following links:

Once you have created the artwork, delete any pages that you do not wish to use, and download the file from Canva as a PNG. To download, go to the top right corner of Canva and click “Share”. A drop-down menu will pop down, and you can choose “Download” and then choose “PNG” as the file type.

FAQs for Mockups, Custom Etching, and Creating Artwork in Canva

  • We cannot use photos for any of our Custom Gifting options. Since our team uses a laser engraver, photos do not etch well on wood boxes or shimmer bottles. We recommend keeping designs to text, company logos, and simple designs. If a photo is provided, we will ask you to provide different artwork or will only use the text provided.
  • We recommend simple designs or logos that do not have a lot of shading or gradients for etching.
  • We cannot add color to the etching. Rather it is a laser etcher that removes a layer of shimmer, exposing the glass and liquid underneath. 
  • Even though etching cannot be done in color, we can accept artwork with color. Please send it to and we will confirm with our etching team if the logo or design can work with our equipment. 
  • We recommend using thick fonts so that the etching comes out bold. You can view some of our recommended fonts here. You may also request fonts, such as the “Thankful for You” font in the notes section of the mockup request form.
  • If you would like text added, please include the desired text as well as a font in the Notes section of the Mockup Request Form. 
  • We cannot customize the back of any of our bottles. The back label must stay as-is for compliance regulations.
  • We only allow the artwork to be created for etching on bottles or wood boxes. For more information on our Custom Labels, please visit our Custom Label information.
  • Please note that while you are able to request mockups for organizations that you wish to pitch custom gifting ideas to, you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHTS to share the digital mock-ups on social media, or publicly. Please refrain from sharing these mockups with individuals outside of the organization as they are not legally approved by the entity to be shared until we receive written consent (when ready to confirm an order), which may include providing licensing. Please keep this in mind with designs that include, but are not limited to, sports teams, company logos, movie titles, song titles or lyrics, catchphrases, etc.