Submitting a Gifting Order

Submitting a Gifting Order

When the customer is ready to move forward with their order, please have them complete our ONEHOPE Gifting Order Form. The order form should include the recipient information, a gift note, and a gift/wine selection.

Please make sure that the order form is submitted in the original format (.xlsx). This form is uploaded directly to our fulfillment system, and submitting it in this format helps to avoid any potential human error. Note that any orders submitted in a format outside of our order form will kindly be asked to be resubmitted in our pre-templated sheet. If you or your customer do not have Excel on your computer, order forms built-in Numbers, and Google Sheets can be exported as a .xlsx file prior to sharing with the Gifting Team.

Once the Gifting Team receives the completed order form, they will follow up with an invoice for the order via a secure link. Payment can be made via Credit Card (preferred) or ACH bank transfer. Our Operations Team will begin production, including ordering any custom items, once payment is received.

Please note: We do not have a way to automatically add the CE contact info to gift notes. If it is a bulk order, you can always receive customer approval to include it! To include your CE Information or Website Address on a Gift note, please get approval from your customer. You should then include this information in the Gifting Order Form Gift Note Column to ensure it is included on your customer's gift notes.


FAQs for Gifting Order Form

  • Billing Details Tab - Please fill in the Customer’s information on the Billing Details tab. We will use this information to issue the invoice and create their customer account (if needed).
  • PO Boxes & Non-Wine States - Please check for PO Boxes and non-wine stats when you receive the order form from your customer. It is extremely helpful if the CE checks these ahead of time and asks if the Customer is interested in coming up with a non-alcoholic gift option or would prefer to remove these recipients.
  • Email & Phone Number - These fields are not required but they are strongly recommended for delivery success. These will not be used for any marketing or outreach aside from our Customer Support Team contacting the client if they are not available to sign for their package, as well as FedEx tracking notifications so that the client can plan accordingly.
  • Gift Notes - Clients may include a gift message by adding the note they would like printed under the “Gift Note” column of the order form. The gift message included on the order form may be personalized for each recipient's name if desired and can be up to 500 characters. Please note Quotation Marks (") and Double Hyphens (--) do not work within our fulfillment system for gift notes. At a minimum, please put "From" and your customer’s name to ensure recipients know whom the gift is from. If this column is blank, ONEHOPE will print a generic gift message about our impact to date that is sent with the order.