Tasting Kit Training | Video

Our Tasting Kits provide all the tools to host a fabulous wine tasting event. In addition to the 6-bottles of wine selected, guides and cards are included to support our Cause Entrepreneurs at wine tasting events. Before we dig into our Tasting Kit materials, check out our Wine Tasting Tutorial Video, which demonstrates to future Hosts and Cause Entrepreneurs how simple our system is to share:


Wine Tasting Guides that provides an elevated customer experience to use at your wine tastings.

Host Opportunity Cards that showcases the value proposition of becoming a Host.

CE Opportunity Cards that explains the value of joining ONEHOPE. Use these cards to pass out to prospects.

Order Worksheets for guests to place their personal order

Event Guide for CEs with step-by-step instructions on prep and conducting an event with your Host.


Note: Additional copies of these guides and resources can be purchased from your personal website in the CE Exclusives section. 


A live Tasting Kit Training was held on September 26, 2023, and the recording from that event is below. This training walks through each of the 8 steps of a Wine Tasting as outlined in the Event Guide.