Current discounts and promotions

Wine Club members can take advantage of savings and discounts on wine purchases at ONEHOPE! This includes 10% off 6-packs and 20% off 12-packs, plus FREE shipping on all subscription orders. Additionally, we offer seasonal sales and promotions throughout the month. You’ll find monthly promotions in the Month-at-a-Glance.

Current Promotions: 

April 2024 Sponsoring Incentive 

What is the April Sponsoring Incentive?

Personally Sponsor 2 Cause Entrepreneurs from April 1 - April 30 2024 and earn a Kendra Scott Gift Set w/ 1 bottle of our Gold Shimmer Brut & 1 bottle of our Vintner Rosé. 

Do Leadgen CEs count towards this challenge?

No, they do not, you must personally sponsor 2 CEs from April 1 - 30th to earn this incentive. 

Can I earn more than one Kendra Scott Gift Set during April?

Yes, for every 2 CEs your sponsor in April you will earn 1 Kendra Scott Gift Set. 

How do I request the address to which I would like my Gift Set shipped? 

All CEs who earn a gift set will be sent an email with a form to fill out where you can fill out the address you’d like your gift set sent to, you can include a gift note too!

When will the Gift Sets be sent out to earners?

Gift Sets earned during this incentive will be sent out within 1 week after the form has been filled out.  


Gift Set 20% Sale

What are the available discounted gift set add-ons?

Artisan Gift Box

Birthday Gift Box

Celebration Gift Box

Sweet & Treats Gift Box

Pet Lover Gift Box

Kendra Scott Gift Box

What is the discount rate for these gift set add-ons?

All these gift sets are discounted at 20% off their original prices.

What are the discounted prices for each gift set?

Artisan Gift Box: $32 (Original Price: $40)

Birthday Gift Box: $32 (Original Price: $40)

Celebration Gift Box: $28 (Original Price: $35)

Sweet & Treats Gift Box: $28 (Original Price: $35)

Pet Lover Gift Box: $32 (Original Price: $40)

Kendra Scott Gift Box: $76 (Original Price: $95)

Will the Kendra Scott Gift Box remain at $76 after the sale?

Yes, the Kendra Scott Gift Box will remain at $76 even after the sale ends.

Are there any special conditions for purchasing these gift set add-ons?

Yes, these gift set add-ons are available with the purchase of 1 or more bottles.

Who can redeem  these discounted gift set add-ons?

These discounts are available to all customers.

Do Wine Club Subscribers receive any additional benefits?

Yes, subscribers receive free shipping on orders over $99.

Is there a limit to how many gift set add-ons I can purchase?

No, there is no limit to purchase, but it's subject to availability while supplies last.

What is the focus of these discounted gift set add-ons?

The focus is primarily for Mother's Day and teachers.

What is the significance of the Kendra Scott Gift Box?

The Kendra Scott Gift Box serves as an award for the April Incentive.

Are there different pricing options for canvas bags?

Yes, canvas bags are available in two discounted options:

(6) Canvas Bags: $16 (Original Price: $20)

(12) Canvas Bags: $32 (Original Price: $40)


Purchase with Purchase

From April 1-30, add six or more bottles of wine to your cart and get this month’s dynamic duo for $28, that’s 50% off!  This includes access to our relaunch of Bloom Rose which individually is Wine Club Exclusive.

The PWP is limited to two per order. Retail customers pay a $20 flat rate for shipping. Wine Club members receive free shipping on orders of $99+ (after discounts; excludes sales tax).

CEs receive 50% PCV on the purchase with the purchase duo.

You can find shareables and a One Sheet here.


Return of Bloom Rosé:

What is Bloom Rosé?

Bloom Rosé is a delightful wine known for its sweet and refreshing taste, perfect for the spring season.

What is the blend of Bloom Rosé?

Bloom Rosé is made from a harmonious blend of 80% Zinfandel and 20% Syrah grapes.

What is the significance of Bloom Rosé's return?

The return of Bloom Rosé signifies the arrival of spring and celebrates the fresh flavors of the season.

How can I celebrate the return of Bloom Rosé?

You can join the Wine Club to enjoy exclusive access to Bloom Rosé and other seasonal offerings.

What are the benefits of joining the Wine Club?

By joining the Wine Club, you gain access to exclusive wines like Bloom Rosé and receive updates on new releases and special promotions.

Archived Promotions:

March Customer Sale

What are the dates of the March Customer Sale?
The customer sale will run from March 11- 21,2024.

What is the March Customer Sale?
ONEHOPE is offering a 35% Discount on (16) select wines which include:

  • Iconic Esperanza Red Wine
  • Reserve Prosecco
  • Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
  • Reserve Arroyo Seco Chardonnay
  • Reserve Sonoma County Chardonnay
  • Reserve Sonoma Coast Rosé
  • Reserve Dessert Wine, CA
  • Sparkling Moscato
  • Sparkling Almond
  • Vintner Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Vintner Pinot Noir
  • Vintner Red Blend
  • Vintner Moscato
  • Vintner Rosé
  • Vintner Sauvignon Blanc
  • Vintner Pinot Grigio


35% Discount on (6) select mixed packs:

  • Sweet 6 Bundle
  • Premium Napa Reds
  • Rose Bouquet
  • Sparkle Mixed Pack
  • White & Rose Mixed Pack
  • Case 4 Cause

Will Wine Club discounts be allowed in addition to the 35% off discount? 

Yes. Wine Club members will receive an additional 10-20% discount to their order.


Host Promotion

Group 42@2x

Feb Host Image

What is the February Host Promotion? 

From February 1- March 31, 2024, a Host will be able to earn a Free 4-pack (valued over $236) of wines when their wine tasting event reaches $500+ in sales. The Host’s wine tasting event must be held and closed between February 1- March 31, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. CT to qualify for this host reward. 

When will the Host receive their Free Host reward? 

The Cause Entrepreneur will need to submit this form on behalf of their host, for the Home Office to process the 4-pack of wine for the qualified Host. Please submit the form by April 7th on behalf of your Host. The form submissions are processed weekly, as we hope to deliver your Host's award ASAP! 

How does a wine tasting Event get “Qualified” for a Host to Earn the 4-Pack?

For an event to qualify, it needs to have $500+ in retail sales before taxes and shipping and have 3+ orders placed through the event link during the earning period of the Host Promotion Feb 1- March 31st, 2024. 

Shareables can be found, here.

March Purchase with Purchase 


From March 1-31, add six or more bottles of wine to your cart and get this month’s trio for $50 ($100), that’s 50% off! This includes all three wines of our herstory Collection - the Prosecco, Rosato, and Primitivo.

The PWP is limited to two per order. Retail customers pay a $20 flat rate for shipping. Wine Club members receive free shipping on orders of $99+ (after discounts; excludes sales tax).

CEs receive 50% PCV on the purchase with purchase duo.

You can find shareables and a One Sheet here.

March 2024 Join Kit Update

What is the Update to Join Kits in March 2024? 

Starting March 1st, 2024, we will no longer have 2 Join Kits available for purchase during CE enrollment. We will have 1 Join Kit available - the Business Builder Kit. This kit will be available for $199 and will include the following contents: 

✓ Award Winning 90+ Tasting Kit | 6 Bottles ($180 Value)

✓ (1) 6-Bottle Tasting Kit Credit | Share with your first Host ($180 value) ✓ Business Materials including: Wine Tasting Guides, Opportunity and Host Cards, and Order Forms

✓ 3 Partner in Wine Passes | Share with your first three teammates

✓ Digital Getting Started Guidebook

✓ CE Membership | 4 Months ($48 Value)

✓ Wine Club Membership Fee | $20 Value

✓ Exclusive Swag | $60 Value

  • Tasting Glassware
  • Sparkling Wine Stopper
  • Wine Key
  • ONEHOPE Winery Tote Bag

Will there continue to be Personal Commissionable Volume (PCV) on Join Kits?
No, starting on March 1st, 2024 all CE’s who enroll will not earn PCV on their join Kit. This also means the Join Kit will not count towards Retail Sales in Fast Start or any other programs tracking retail sales.

What happens to those who joined before March 2024 with the $399 Business Builder Kit and had access to the Master Classes?
All CEs who have already joined with access to the Master Class series will continue to have access. We have housed the Master Class Series in an On-Demand Library located, here. To access these videos, please use the password shared with you during your CE enrollment.

Where are the updated Join Kit materials to share? 

You can find all the new materials, here.

Welcome Back Campaign

What is the Welcome Back Campaign?

To grow our CE Community, we are extending an offer to past CEs to rejoin and reactivate their CE membership with us. The offer includes the following: Rejoin for $12, and get 1 Tasting Kit Credit (6 bottles of wine, $180 value) and 4 months of your CE Membership waived. In addition, all CEs who rejoin will get a unique promo code to shop from the CE Cellar Sale through March 10, 2024.

Who is getting the invitation to rejoin the ONEHOPE Community?

We have sent communications to CEs who have canceled their CE accounts ahead of August 2023. This group was not part of our newest updates that launched starting in August and September of 2023 which included our updated Compensation plan (earning up to 35%) and our new Sharing System (including our Wine Club updates) etc.

When is the offer to rejoin valid?
The offer to rejoin for $12 is valid from March 1-31, 2024. 

How can a CE rejoin or reactivate their CE Account? 

An email has been shared with a link to an Eventbrite page, where we will collect the $12 for reactivation. Once this fee is paid, Customer Support will reactivate the CE’s membership, and website account, and will ensure the Tasting Kit Credit is added to the CEs account. Next, the CE will receive an email with their unique promo code to shop the CE Cellar Sale. 

Will I be notified as the mentor or upline mentor if a CE reactivates their account?
Yes. You will be copied on the email communications that go to the CE who has rejoined so you are aware they are back and active.

What happens if a CE rejoins and their direct mentor is no longer active?
When a CE reactivates their account, their CE account will become active again within the same genealogy. If a direct mentor is no longer active the CE will be able to work with the next active mentor in their upline.  

March CE Cellar Sale

What is the CE Cellar Sale?
The Sale allows a CE to shop one time with a unique promo code which will allow for a 40% off discount sitewide.

Who can shop the CE Cellar Sale?
The CE Cellar Sale is a perk for all active Cause entrepreneurs with a paid monthly CE Membership.

How does a CE get their unique code to shop the CE Cellar Sale? 

There will be an email with a special code sent on March 1st, 2024.

What is the 40% off code applicable to:
The unique promo code can be applied towards wine, gift, and swag purchases. The code will not apply to scheduled wine club orders, gift cards, tasting kits, or shipping and tax.

Will Wine Club discounts be allowed in addition to the 40% discount?
Yes. If a Wine Club member purchases an a la carte order, they will be able to get the 40% discount and apply their additional Wine Club member 10-20% discount to their order. 

Will new CEs who join in March have access to shop this sale?

Yes, any CE who joins in March will have access to the sale while it is live, through March 10th, 2024.


January Join Promotion

What is the "Join-Uary" Promotion? 

During the month of January 2024, a New CE will be able to join with a $50 discount on either the $199 or $399 Join Kits. They will also receive an upgrade to the wines in the kit. The herstory Prosecco will be upgraded with an Exclusive Gold Etched Shimmer Sparkling Brut. In addition, 1 extra Tasting Kit Credit will be offered with each Join Kit and added to the new CE’s account.

The January Join Promotion is available starting January 1st through January 31st, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. CT

When will the New CE get the extra Tasting Kit Credit?

  • The Tasting Kit Credit will be applied to the CEs Back Office at the time of Enrollment. It can be viewed by visiting the CE Back Office > Credits.

Bottles for Better

For every Shimmer bottle purchased from now until December 31st, ONEHOPE will match a customer's 10% Cause of Choice donation to build a new school with Pencils of Promise! 10,000 bottles of Shimmer = 1 new school for children.

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