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CE Incentives

Throughout the year, various incentives are available for our Cause Entrepreneurs. Check out the details in Month-at-a-Glance, and be sure to tune into the weekly Founders Friday calls on our ONEHOPE Community Facebook page for some surprise challenges!

In addition to monthly incentives, you can earn exclusive rewards like trips, swag, and wine when participating in more extended challenges offered annually. When these incentives are available, you'll find details in the Vine. 

Current Incentives:

April 2024 Sponsoring Incentive 

What is the April Sponsoring Incentive?

Personally Sponsor 2 Cause Entrepreneurs from April 1 - April 30 2024 and earn an a Kendra Scott Gift Set w/ 1 bottle of our Gold Shimmer Brut & 1 bottle of our Vintner Rosé. 

Do CEs assigned to me, count towards this challenge?

No, they do not. You must personally sponsor 2 CEs from April 1 - 30th to earn this incentive. 

Can I earn more than one Kendra Scott Gift Set during April?

Yes, for every 2 CEs you personally sponsor in April, you will earn 1 Kendra Scott Gift Set + 2 bottles of wine. 

How do I request the address to which I would like my Gift Set shipped? 

All CEs who earn a gift set will be sent an email with a form to fill out where you can fill out the address you’d like your gift set sent to, you can include a gift note too!

When will the Gift Sets be sent out to earners?

Gift Sets earned during this incentive will be sent out within 1 week after the form has been filled out. 

Shareables can be found here

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What is the Heart of Napa Incentive?

The Heart of Napa Incentive is a 3-month incentive to earn your invite to the Heart of Napa!  You earn points by hosting qualified events, achieving Rock Star, promoting in rank, and Mentoring your team to do the same!

🛠️ The Onesheet, Shareables, and our Tracking Calculator can be found here. 

When is the Heart of Napa Incentive?
The 3-month Incentive begins on February 1 and ends on April 30th at 11:59 pm CT. Points are cumulative during the entire 3-month period.

What are the Levels to earn?
There are three levels to earn, listed below:

LEVEL   Points Needed        Reward

Level 1      500   -------> Earn your Best Friends
                                       Shimmer Duo

Level 2     1,500  -------> Earn a 2-night stay at
                              Estate 8 with unlimited wine

Level 3     2,000 -------> Earn an exclusive dinner
                                   at ONEHOPE Winery

How do I earn points and cash bonuses?

Here’s a breakdown of the points:





Close 1 Qualified Event



Achieve Rock Star
(FS CEs only achieve 1)



1st time promote to LCE



1st time promote to SCE



1st time promote to ECE



1st time promote to DIR




Earn More Points when your Level 1 CE achieves their Fast Start goals!



Help L1 CE achieve Rock Star

(you can help unlimited L1 CEs) 


Earn Points when you help to mentor others to 1st Time Promote! 

(Upline leader must be paid at the same rank or higher to earn pts/cash




Help CE* 1st time promote to LCE



Help CE* 1st time promote to SCE



Help CE* 1st time promote to ECE



Help CE* 1st time promote to DIR




*The Upline Leader is the first Upline of equal or higher paid-as” rank in a calendar month

What counts as a qualified event?
A qualified event is an event that you held and closed during the incentive earning period that had $500 in retail sales & 3 unique orders. This can be an in-person, virtual or online fundraiser. 

What is a Level 1 CE?
Anyone you personally sponsored, or who is assigned to you is considered your Level 1 CE.

What is an Upline Leader?
An Upline Leader is the first Upline of equal or higher paid-as rank in a calendar month.

What first-time promotion points will I earn if I double-promote in a calendar month?
If you double (or triple) promote, you will earn First Time Promotion points for each promotion you achieve from LCE and higher.

Can I earn more than one reward Level?
Yes! Points and rewards are cumulative. For example, when you earn Level 3, you’ll also receive the rewards for Levels 1 & 2.

Will there be a place in the back office that shows how we are tracking?
Yes! Your Heart of Napa Incentive Tracker can be found in Reports > My Team > Heart of Napa Incentive Report. This report helps you track your own progress as well as your teammate's progress.

Where can I find the One Sheet and Tracker for the Heart of Napa Incentive?
Tools are available below these questions, and in Resources > Index: Heart of Napa Incentive One Sheet and > Heart of Napa Incentive Tracker

How can I congratulate team members or share my own accomplishments on my social media pages?
You’ll find CE shareables to post on your social media, or text or message to teammates who have achieved reward level. Tools are available below these questions, and you’ll also find shareables in Resources > Index > Social Media Shareables.

Are Heart of Napa Points the same as Reward Points?
No. Heart of Napa points were created just for the Heart of Napa Incentive and will be calculated based on activities specific to this incentive. Heart Of Napa points are not transferable and do not apply to the Reward Points that are part of the Qualified CE, Host and Customer Perks programs.

I've earned Level 1, when will I receive my Best Friends duo bottles?
Congratulations!! We will pull earners and process shipments each week, so you should receive an email with your tracking numbers within 7-10 days of earning level 1.

I've earned Level 2, when will I be able to pick my travel dates to the Heart of Napa?
You will receive an email from the Field Development team with available dates. 

What airport should I fly into to get to Napa?

There are a few airport options when planning your trip to Napa Valley. San Francisco International Airport, Sacramento International Airport, and Oakland International Airport are the three airports with the easiest access to Napa.

Can I bring a CE as my guest?
Guests may not be another CE. Only CEs who have earned Level 2+ can attend. Anyone who is a CE at the time we launched this incentive (has an active CE account as of February 1) cannot be considered a guest for this incentive.

Can I bring my child on the trip to the Heart of Napa?
No. Guests must be 21 years or older to attend.

Fast Start Partner in Wine Passes


What are Partner in Wine Passes that are available to Cause Entrepreneurs in Fast Start?

Partner in Wine Passes are a $50 discount on Join Kits for Cause Entrepreneurs in Fast Start to offer 3 prospective  Cause Entrepreneurs to use during during the enrollment process. These passes are designed to help New Cause Entrepreneurs grow their teams during their Fast Start period. 

Who is receiving Partner in Wine Passes to share with potential Cause Entrepreneurs?

Cause Entrepreneurs who are currently in Fast Start (enrolled November 2023 - January 2024), and all Cause Entrepreneurs who enroll February 1 - 29th 2024. 

How long does the Partner in Wine Pass promotion run?

For the whole month of February Cause Entrepreneurs in Fast Start and New Cause Entrepreneurs who join in February will receive 3 Partner in Wine Passes. 

Can the Partner in Wine Passes be combined or transferred?

No, the Partner in Wine Passes cannot be combined or transferred. Each pass has a unique code linked to the sponsoring Cause Entrepreneur. It is intended for one-time use by a prospective Cause Entrepreneur and cannot be combined with other discounts or transferred to another individual.

When do the Partner in Wine Passes expire?
Cause Entrepreneurs who are still in their Fast Start as of February 1, 2024 (Cause Entrepreneurs who enrolled November - January) will have Partner in Wine Passes that expire on March 31st, 2024. 

Cause Entrepreneurs who enroll during the month of February, will receive Partner in Wine Passes that will expire 60 days from the day you enrolled. 

What happens if a Cause Entrepreneur doesn't use all three Partner in Wine Passes during the Fast Start period?

Any unused Partner in Wine Passes will expire on the above timeline. It's recommended that Cause Entrepreneurs make the most of these passes to maximize their team-building efforts during the promotion.

Shareables can be found here.