Wine Club

The Wine Club offers our best value in wine, experiences, and discounts. For a one-time $20 membership fee a member will unlock $500 in benefits!

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The Wine Club allows customers to enjoy discounts on every bottle they purchase and free shipping on every scheduled order and every $99+ a la carte order. Along with those benefits, there are gifts that will be shared on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th scheduled shipments. See FAQs below. 

To upgrade a Wine Club Member's Subscription, learn more here.


Wine Club FAQs

Effective Date: The Wine Club Program changes will go live on on September 5, 2023.

Membership Fee: A one-time membership fee of $20 is required for the new Wine Club. This fee grants access to over $500+ in complimentary wine and experiences. The membership fee has no PCV and will not be counted toward retail sales.

Custom Subscriptions: Wine Club Members can select from the recommended curated packs (Award Winning 90+, Best Sellers, or Case for a Cause) OR pick from ONEHOPE’s portfolio of over 70 wines to tailor their own custom subscriptions.

Included Gifts: All Wine Club Members will receive gifts with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th membership shipments, amounting to a value of $340+.

- 2nd Shipment Gift: Paso Robles Cabernet ($40 value)

- 3rd Shipment Gift: $200 credit for a wine tasting experience at ONEHOPE Winery in Napa Valley (valid for a year from purchase)

- 4th Shipment Gift: Iconic Collection Esperanza Red Wine ($100 value)

Please note all gifts are forfeited once a Wine Club member cancels their membership.

Transition for 4-Bottle Members: On September 5, 2023, 4-bottle Wine Club Members will receive an invitation to upgrade to the "new" Wine Club by opting for a 6 or 12-bottle subscription. The $20 join fee will be waived for those who upgrade within 30 days (until December 31st, 2023). Opting in means the subscription restarts and all gifts are received (with active membership).

Shipping Fees for 4-Bottle Members: 4-bottle Wine Club Members with scheduled shipments between September 5 and December 31, 2023, will continue receiving free shipping under the "old" program.

4-Bottle Members Non-Upgrade: If a 4-bottle subscriber doesn't opt into the new Wine Club, their current 4-bottle subscription will continue for a year (September 5, 2023 - September 4, 2024) with some "old" program benefits.

– Members will receive a 5% discount ONLY on their scheduled 4-bottle subscription orders

– Members will NOT receive a discount on non-scheduled orders

– Members will receive Reward Points with 5% back on orders

– Members will have access to the Wine Club exclusives

– Members will pay a $20 shipping fee per shipment, which will go into effect on January 1, 2024.

– After one year the 4-Bottle Member will become a Retail Customer (Non-Wine Club Member)

2nd Shipment Gift for 4-Bottle Members
: If a 4-Bottle Member subscribed before September 5, 2023, they will receive the Paso Robles Cabernet as their 2nd shipment gift ($40 value).

6-Bottle and 12-Bottle Members: On September 5, 2023, 6-Bottle and 12-Bottle Members will automatically transition into the new program. Existing Members’ shipments on or after September 5 will become their 1st shipment in the new program, with a waived $20 join fee.

ONEHOPE's Customer Communication: Emails will be sent to both Wine Club Members and Non-Wine Club Members: 

– August 31 - Words to Say will be shared to start a conversation with both Wine Club Members and Non-Wine Club Members

– September 5 - New Wine Club Program announcement

– September 8 onwards - 4-week Wine Club benefits email series

– September 15 onwards - Email series encouraging 4-Bottle Members to upgrade to 6 bottles with a waived $20 fee

Identifying 4-Bottle Members
: Cause Entrepreneurs can find their 4-Bottle Wine Club Members in the CE Back Office > Contacts > Wine Club. Click the Wine Club tab to view Customer details, including subscription quantity.

Re-Enrollment for Canceled Members: Re-enrolling Wine Club Members who canceled will incur a new $20 membership fee

Membership Fee Refund: The membership fee is non-refundable once the first shipment is dispatched.

Upgrading Membership for 4-Bottle Members: 4-bottle Wine Club Members can manually add bottles to their subscription to upgrade to 6 or 12 bottles. CEs can assist through CE Back Office > Contacts > Wine Club Contacts.