Wine Club Concierge

Wine Club Concierge is a handy tool for Cause Entrepreneurs (CEs) to manage customers' Wine Club subscriptions directly from their Back Office.

The CE who initially sold the subscription retains the ability to manage it on behalf of the customer, even if they are not the current shopping CE.

To manage a customer's Wine Club subscription, you must access the customer's contact profile in the Back Office. You can do this by going to the Contacts tab and selecting Contact details. Once there, choose the Wine Club tab for subscription management.

Through Wine Club Concierge you can update/change a customer's:

  • Shipping address
  • Payment method
  • Wine selections (including adding on a Purchase with Purchase offer)
  • Shipment frequency
  • Subscription quantity

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a customer's subscription directly. To cancel a subscription, you will need to contact support at

Please note: Customers are notified by email when there's an update to their subscription. The CE who owns the subscription will also receive notifications via playbook cards for any issues related to their customer's subscription, such as billing problems, wine out of stock, or skipped shipments.

The Wine Club Concierge feature is also available on the iOS App, allowing CEs to manage subscriptions on the go, like on desktop or web mobile.