Wine Tasting Event

An in-person Wine Tasting Event is our core business driver. It's where the magic happens!

It is the opportunity to showcase our:

  • Award-winning wines
  • Wine Club
  • Host Opportunity
  • CE Opportunity
  • Impact on nonprofits 

Start here by watching our Wine Tasting Tutorial Video!


Leading up to the event you will have already prepped your Host using the Host Prep Checklist found in the Event Guide you received in your Join Kit. 

On the day of your event you will be ready to provide a fun and immersive experience for your host and their guests. The experience will include tasting 6 wines from the selected wine tasting pack and intentionally sharing about ONEHOPE, Wine Club, Gifting and the CE Opportunity.


We suggest following this agenda for an in-person wine tasting:

1. Welcome Toast and Introductions (Pour #1)

2. Wine Education and How to Use the Guide (Pour #2)

3. Share the ONEHOPE Story (Pour #3)

4. Introduce Your Host and Their Nonprofit (Pour #4)

5. Tell Guests Why You Are a Cause Entrepreneur (Pour #5)

6. Introduce Wine Club and Gifting (Pour #6)

7. Introduce Customers to the Wine Club

8. Take Orders

Tasting Kits for Wine Tastings:

We curated 2 tasting kits for your host to select from, the Award Winning 90+ and the Best Sellers. These offer a great selection of varietals and price points. Should your host prefer a different selection, they can certainly build their own.

WineClub_6-Pack_AwardWinning_-HeroAward Winning 90+

Herstory Italian Prosecco

Vintner Chardonnay

Herstory Rose'

Vintner Pinot Noir

Vintner Red Blend

Paso Robles Cabernet


Best Seller 6-Pack

Vintner Sparkling Brut

Arroyo Seco Chardonnay

Vintner Sauvignon Blanc

Vintner Rose'

Vintner Cabernet Sauvignon

Monterey Pinot Noir


The 8 Steps to a Wine Tasting:

You have a captive audience, 6 bottles of amazing wine, an Event Guide and your desire to make an is now your time to shine!

Follow the steps outlined below to create that immersive experience. Take note of the intentional moments to share the different aspects of ONEHOPE during the tasting event.

Steps of Wine Tasting

Steps of Wine Tasting (1)

Steps 7 & 8

Post Event Action Steps:

While the experience is still fresh and the host and guests are anxiously awaiting their orders, there are a few things to do to wrap up the event that will build the relationship with guests, increase the impact on the nonprofit and increase your commissions!

  • Follow up with guests that did not attend the event. Share the event link and invite them to place an order to support the host's cause of choice.
  • Follow up with guests who attended and did not order at the event. Thank them for attending and offer to place an order for them.
  • Follow up on any conversations with those who expressed interest in hosting an event.
  • Follow up on those interested in becoming a CE.
  • Close the event in your Back Office (important in order to process the donation check).
  • Send the host a thank you card sharing the total donation to their cause of choice.
  • Check your total PCV and measure to your goal
  • Schedule your next event!