Your Personal Website Link

Your personal website link will be visible to you from your CE Back Office homepage. You should direct your customers to use this link when they are ready to order.

CE website link


When in your CE Back Office, you will see your CE ID # and your Personal Website Link. You are able to copy the link from here and share it with your contacts.



TOP TIP: save your personal website link to your phone so you can easily share it as you are networking and sending reach outs.


Customer to shop through an Event

If you want to send your customers to to shop an event, you’ll need to send them a link to your event’s unique landing page. 

From the Events section of your CE Back Office, find the event you want to share and click on it. Click the “Event Page” button. From there you will get a pop-up showing you your event’s unique link. You can copy it and share it widely!


NOTE: You can send your customers personalized links to a specific page on when you add '?dealer=[your-dealer-id]' to the end of the URL.

Here is an example, (just be sure to use your dealer ID).