Upgrading a Wine Club Member's Subscription

As we transition to the new Wine Club and benefits launching on 9/5/23, here is how you can view and help manage your current Wine Club member's subscription from your CE Back Office.

Step 1: Visit your CE Back Office > Contacts > Wine Club to identify your Wine Club members who have 4-bottle subscriptions. 

Click the Toggle to view your Wine Club Members

You can click on each Wine Club contact to view the details of their subscription. You will see the Quantity of bottles subscribed to here. 

Click on the "Details" tab to access the contact info.

Step 2:
Reach out to your Wine Club member with our Reach Out to start the conversation about how our Wine Club has been enhanced and how you want to help them Opt-In to the new perks!

Words to Say:

“Hi! I wanted to reach out to you to let you know you will be seeing an email from the ONEHOPE home office soon announcing some exciting changes happening to our Wine Club. Starting in September, ONEHOPE is removing the 4-bottle Wine Club membership option. But don’t worry – there’s something even better in store for you! 

ONEHOPE is rolling out new 6- and 12-bottle memberships, now with benefits worth over $500! The best part? When you upgrade your membership to 6 or 12 bottles anytime between now and October 5, the new $20 membership fee will be waived and your first shipment in September will count as your first shipment in the new Wine Club. This means you will get ALL of the gifts and benefits included in the new Wine Club! 

With a 6-bottle membership, you will get 10% off all wine purchases starting on your first bottle, free shipping on all scheduled orders (plus free shipping on all a la carte orders over $99), a FREE Paso Robles Cabernet on your 2nd scheduled shipment, 2 FREE wine tastings at the ONEHOPE Winery on your 3rd scheduled shipment, and a FREE Iconic Red Wine on your 4th scheduled shipment! I can help you upgrade your membership now if you are ready?” 

If you choose to not upgrade: 

You will continue to get your 5% discount on 4 bottles, but your free shipping perks will be removed and additional discounts on other a la carte items will not be offered. Please let me know how I can assist you moving forward to continue to enjoy our wines while still receiving the best perks that work for you. 

Step 3:
Once you have permission from the Wine Club member to make adjustments on their behalf, you can manage the subscription but clicking "manage" in the Subscription box. 

For more information, get familiar with using the Wine Club Concierge, here.