Sharing System Toolkit

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The Sharing System toolkit has five guides that will provide everything you need to run your business.

  1. An Event Guide for CEs with step-by-step instructions on prep and conducting an event with your Host.
  2. A Host Opportunity Card that showcases the value proposition of becoming a Host.
  3. A CE Opportunity Card that explains the value of joining ONEHOPE. Use these cards to pass out to prospects.
  4. A Wine Tasting Guide that provides an elevated customer experience to use at your wine tastings.
  5. The Fast Start Guide will give you everything you need to get started. To download this file, click here.

Watch the Wine Tasting Video Tutorial to see all of these tools put into practice! 
🎥 ONEHOPE Wine Tasting Video Tutorial 

Additional Event Tools:

Editable Invitation Templates - Canva
Lead Form
Order Forms
Stock / Inventory
Wine Portfolio
Wine Price List